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So this is going to be really quick. We have next to no time, but I just wanted to tell everyone how grateful I am for all of the support, love, prayers, and letters/emails these past two years. This whole experience has been amazing and I know I owe a lot of my being out here to many of you. I've had so much support, not just during these two years, but even before from my family, friends, and youth group leaders. You have had more of an impact on me than you can imagine.

My last week in the mission was great. Tuesday was awesome. With New Years curfew, temple trips, interviews, and other events, I knew it would be my last full day of work in the mission field, so we took full advantage of it and had a wonderful day. We found a few really cool people and it was awesome. I was a little bummed at the end of the day because I knew it would all be over so soon. The next day was the departing temple trip for all missionaries getting ready to go home. It was awesome. It was really cool to see all of the Elders that I came in with. It was also a really good time to reflect and think back on my two years here. We were in the temple, still feeling a little bummed about it all being over, and I just felt an overwhelming sense of love and appreciation. During those few minutes, thinking back on everything that I've been able to experience for the past two years, I felt stronger than ever that God loved me and that he was happy with me. I can't even describe how that felt. There really is no greater feeling. I will always remember it. While it is a little sad that it is all coming to an end, I feel totally at peace with it.  After that day, I have been feeling great. I know that my days of service aren't over, just my time as a full time missionary.

I cannot believe I will see you all so soon! I love you guys and I have missed you all so much! It really is a crazy feeling. I'm going to miss these days, but I know that my time is up and I am okay with that. I will always be grateful for my time here in Bakersfield, California. I had my final interview with President Wilson and he assured me it's time to move on to a new chapter in my life.

We have to get going. We still have lots of people to say goodbye to and I have to figure out how I am going to fit two years into a couple suitcases. I love you all so much and I really am so grateful for your support and encouragement. Take good care until I see you again!

Much Love,

Elder Chad Thompson]]>
<![CDATA[caroling on christmas - coming home soon!]]>Tue, 05 Jan 2016 16:33:29 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/caroling-on-christmas-coming-home-soon​Hey everyone,

So this is going to be a quick one. We have a zone activity to go to really soon and a lot planned tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was awesome. We spent some time on Christmas Eve and Christmas day caroling as a district. At first, I wasn't too excited, but it was actually a blast and the people we stopped by really loved it. Christmas was kind of a two day event here in Bakersfield. For most Hispanics (at least here) the big celebration is on the Noche Buena, or Christmas Eve. That is when they have their big family gatherings and at night time they open all of their gifts. So Christmas Eve was a lot of fun because we had a big Hispanic Christmas dinner with one of the families in the ward. Then on Christmas we got to Skype home to our families. Its a pretty interesting experience, Skyping home when you get to see them again in less than two weeks! It was so much fun. I got to talk with the fam while they were at my aunt and uncle's place for Christmas so I was able to see a bunch of my family. I am so excited to see all of those awesome people again!

The rest of the week was really great. We had a few really good lessons with Rosario. She is a single mother who works really hard to raise her two daughters, Siclali and Samantha. Siclali is a really adorable little girl and Samantha is a pretty rebellious teenage girl. Rosario talks a lot about how difficult it is to keep her on the right path. We finally met her this week and we were able to have a lesson with the whole family. She is actually a really cool kid, but she is pretty rebellious. Her mom would tell her to do one thing and she does the complete opposite. So we had a lesson with them and Samantha had a ton of questions. She was really involved expressed a lot of doubts that she's been having about her faith. She really didn't want to come at first, but we committed her to come to church by the end of the lesson. They came on Sunday and she ended up liking it. She went to her first class and when she came out and we asked how it went she said, "That was super boring." haha  We were crossing our fingers that the next lesson would be better and she said that it was actually a lot of fun and she loved it. She was talking to a lot of the girls from her class  so we really think it went well. I really like that family. They have their problems, but they are all willing to try. They're reading, praying as a family, and coming to church.

This week we have found a lot of new people to teach as well. We knew that Christmas Eve and Christmas were going to be a little harder to find people so we kicked it into overdrive to try and still find people. We decided to go street contacting on Hampton St and it was awesome. I have never found so many new people on a single street before. It is really funny. We have this big huge area and half of our investigators are on this little street. One of the new people we found on Hampton is named Alicia. She is a really sweet 18 year old girl. We started talking to her and teaching her in English, but then she told us she didn't know much English and that she preferred Spanish. I always get so happy when people say that because if they prefer English, we have to refer them off to English missionaries. Alicia is really awesome though and I'm glad we can teach her.

Okay we've really gotta go. I hope you all have an awesome week and a Happy New Year! I can't believe that this is my last week. It really does not feel like I have 9 days left. I don't know what to think about it. Tomorrow I have my last interview with President Wilson and the following day we have the departing temple trip. It is a weird feeling to say the least. Most of the time I am just so excited to see my family and be home again, but then sometimes its different. Like when we finished that really good lesson this week with Rosario's family. I couldn't help feeling like I'm really going to miss this. I have loved my mission so much. Take good care. I love and miss you all, but I'll see you soon.

Much Love!

Elder Chad Thompson]]>
<![CDATA[It's a wonderful life]]>Sun, 27 Dec 2015 18:30:34 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/its-a-wonderful-lifeHey everyone,

I hope that all is well and that you're all ready for Christmas. This week has been pretty interesting. Elder Edwards, who was just sick four weeks ago, came down with the stomach flu this week. He was having a really rough time. Elder Hettinger and I very luckily did not get sick this week. Most of the week we were scrambling to go on splits with other missionaries and members to visit people. One very cool thing about our district is that there are two Spanish Elder trios is the Buena Vista Ward. So one of them would stay with Elder Edwards and Elder Hettinger and I were able to get out and go to our appointments. It was working great until Elder Edwards got one of the Elders in the other trio sick too. So it has been an interesting week. But we have still been able to get quite a bit done, considering the circumstances. This week we had a really good lesson with Mario and Berta. They are the couple in their 50's and the parents of a recent convert who recently moved to North Carolina. They are really sweet. They are reading and coming to church and are progressing pretty well. This week, however, has been pretty hard on them. Berta got really sick a few days ago and her daughter Lucy, who we are also teaching, had to take her to the hospital. They gave us a call last night and Lucy was really upset and asked us to come and give her mom a blessing. So we got permission from President to leave the zone and went to the Bakersfield hospital. The whole Rivas family was there. I guess they have been running some tests and it looks like Berta has a tumor and they are saying that it may be cancer. The whole family was really just kind of somber and sad, but Berta was still as energetic and lively as ever. She is a really sweet and funny lady. So we visited with them for a while and then gave her a blessing. I really hope that the tests come out negative and that all is well. Please keep Berta and the Rivas family in your prayers. 

This Saturday we had the mission morningside, where all of the missionaries in Bakersfield meet and we have a get together before Christmas. It was really cool to see a lot of my old mission friends, a lot of whom I will be finishing with in just two weeks. The meeting was really awesome. Every year we watch a Christmas movie and I was surprised because this year we got to watch one that wasn't a church movie! We watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and it was awesome. It is kind of an older movie, but having watched it, I think it is one of my favorites. I know it's a classic, but I had never seen the whole movie before. The message in that movie is really great. Its a lot about forgetting yourself and giving to others. The story is all about this guy who grew up wanting to travel and have a really cool job and move out of town. As he grew up he ended up staying in town and taking over his father's old business and although he didn't get to travel and have everything he wanted before, he spent his life serving those around him and making an incredible difference in people's lives. I loved it. It reminded me that true happiness comes from service. We don't need to have the best job, the best car or live in the nicest place. As long as we love those around us and serve others, we'll be happy. There is a really cool quote from the movie that says something along the lines of, "All you can take with you is what you give away." I know that is so true. And I think that is something really good to remember at Christmas time. Its a lot more important what you give than what you receive. As I close out my two years, I know that I've been really blessed to have spent this time in the Lord's service. A lot of people ask us why we leave school, family, friends, and life back home. The things I've learned on my mission and the happiness that it has brought me is something I'll always be able to take with me. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I am excited to Skype the family on Christmas. It won't be such a bittersweet goodbye this time, since I'll see them all again in a few days. Okay, I love you all! Thanks for everything!

Much Love,

Elder Chad Thompson]]>
<![CDATA[meeting new families]]>Tue, 22 Dec 2015 03:03:13 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/meeting-new-familiesHey everyone,

I'm short on time this week so this is going to be quick. I'm going to try to hit the main points from this week. We found a lot! For the past few months the mission has been really focusing on finding families, so that's been what we have been trying to do here. This past week we were able to find a really cool family. We were looking for a former investigator and an older guy answered the door and said that his son, the former, wasn't home. We talked to him for a little bit and he invited us in and we met the whole family. They were really nice. We started teaching a little bit and they all really opened up. They're a family of four, a mom, dad, and two sons. The two sons, Jerry (21) and Israel (15), are both great kids, but have gotten into some bad stuff in the past few years. The mom has a lot of stress over the welfare of her two sons. She tries to take them to church and keep them on the right path, but they give her a lot of resistance. It is obviously something that gives her a lot of heartbreak. It was really cool to see as the lesson went on that Israel had a lot of questions. We talked about church and the youth groups and he was really interested. His mom was really excited because she said she had never seen her son so excited for things related to God and church. We are really excited for the Campos family. The mother really just wants the best for her sons. She loves them and is so supportive. It is really cool to see because a lot of the people we talk to live in families where the kids don't get a lot of support. It's sad some kids don't really get a lot of help and guidance. It makes me really grateful for my own family.

This week at church was really cool because we had some investigators show up who we weren't expecting to come! It was sweet. One person who came was Rosario. She is someone we have been teaching for a while, but it has been really hard for her to come to church because she works all night and only gets a few hours to sleep during the day. On top of that, she has two little girls to take care of. This Sunday she totally surprised us by taking her family to church. She is really doing great and progressing really well.
The rest of the week is great. We are having such an awesome time. I am in the best possible situation to end my mission. I have two awesome companions and a great area and ward. I am really loving it. Elder Hettinger, my trainee, is doing awesome. His Spanish is coming along so fast! He has it down way better than I ever had it at his point in the mission. He is really easy to train and an awesome companion. Elder Edwards is a great missionary who is hilarious. Things really are going great! The weather is getting cold, but I know I'll have much colder in store in just a few weeks.......

I hope you all have a great week! Take good care.

Much Love,

Elder Chad Thompson]]>
<![CDATA[Overcoming obstacles for a beautiful baptism]]>Thu, 10 Dec 2015 01:41:59 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/overcoming-obstacles-for-a-beautiful-baptismHey everyone,

I hope all is well. The trio life is still going great. We are having an awesome time and getting a lot of work done. The time is flying with these guys. This week went by really fast because we have had a lot going on.

This Saturday Martha got baptized. It was really cool to see her finally be able to take that step. I definitely have a testimony that when we try to do good things in life, Satan tries to do whatever he can to get in our way. That was definitely the case with Martha. She had a lot of obstacles keep popping up. She was finally supposed to get baptized last week, but then she got sick and we had to postpone her date. Thenthis Saturday, everything was going great. Everything was set and ready to go. The programs were made, the church was set up, and Martha was excited. Then around lunch time we started getting phone calls from different members who had important roles in the baptismal service telling us that they weren't going to be able to come. The icing on the cake came around dinner time, when the member who was going to perform the baptism called to cancel because he had gotten sick. So we were scrambling all day to make sure everything was going to work out. But when 7:00 came around and it was time for the service, everything turned out great. The service ended up being so nice and it was a really sweet experience for Martha. I was so nervous because she asked me to do the baptism after Hermano Jimenez canceled. Of course said yes, but I had never actually performed a baptism before. I must have repeated the words a thousand times in my head and I was super nervous, but it ended up going just fine. It was a really incredible experience too. I am so happy for her and her choice to be baptized. There really hasn't been any better feeling than that; to see people make the decision to come closer to Christ. I don't think I've ever felt anything more satisfying.

We had a zone training meeting this week. We have it once a month and about halfway through the meeting, I realized that would be my last ZTM of my mission. It was so strange to realize I wouldn't get to do this again. I am now experiencing all of my lasts. It is really weird. I can't believe I am down to four more weeks as a missionary. I feel like this is all I really know how to do anymore! This has been my life for the past two years and I love it. I was thinking back to the very beginning of my mission, literally the moment I said adios to my family. I was chilling in the airport terminal waiting for my plane. I remember looking back at the escalator that I had just come down and seriously considering turning back and running to catch my family before they left. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but it has been a decision that has given me so much. Since that time I have been blessed to meet so many amazing people, to love them, to learn another language, to be able to share my testimony of Jesus Christ and to learn how to trust and love my Savior more than ever before. Deciding to keep going and get on that plane was the best decision I've ever made.

So the end draws near, but it still isn't over. I have a month left and a lot to do. We are teaching a lot of great people and I am excited to find more. I am loving it here in Buena Vista. I am serving with a few of my favorite missionaries. Life is good and Buena Vista rocks!

 I hope you all have a great week and are enjoying the holiday season. I love and miss you all. Take good care.

Much Love,
Elder Chad Thompson]]>
<![CDATA[happy (belated) thanksgiving]]>Tue, 08 Dec 2015 02:48:33 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/happy-belated-thanksgivingHey everyone,

I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving. Things are going great here in South Bakersfield. The trio life is a BLAST. I really do love it! My two companions are the best. First off is Elder Hettinger. He is a new missionary from Chicago. He is really humble and already a great missionary. He is trying to start off his mission right and learn everything he can. He easy to get along with and very helpful. Elder Edwards is hilarious. He has been out for about a year and he kills me. He is so much fun. He says the craziest things and makes Elder Hettinger and I die laughing. I really love being in a trio. There is never a dull moment and someone is always talking. It makes the time go by really fast. That first week flew by. We are still working out the quirks of figuring out who talks when, during lessons, but other than that it has been awesome.

This week has been really great. We have gotten a lot done and visited a lot of people. Both of my companions are a lot of fun, but they're also really focused. They are great in lessons and are good Elders. We had some good lessons with Anthony, Alex and Jerry this week. We also found Lucy! She is the sister of a recent convert in the ward. She is really cool. We met her the other day as she was putting up Christmas lights on her house. We helped her put them up and then talked to her for a while. She has three little girls and opened up to us about how she is going through a really rough divorce with her husband. She says she is trying to do her best for her kids for the holidays, but it is really hard. It was a really good conversation and she says she really wants to get closer to God and take her girls to church. She is a  sweet girl and its sad to see someone go through a tough time, but the hope that we can receive from the Gospel of Jesus Christ really can make our lives so much better and more fulfilling. She needs more hope in her life and we are going to try to help her with that.

Martha is doing well. She has been in Mexico visiting family for the past week, but is supposed to get home today. She is so ready to be baptized, it is just a matter of her not being sick or going to Mexico! haha She is a great lady and I'm excited to see her again today.

Thanksgiving was awesome. We had a huge dinner with a really awesome family in the ward, and I brought a big choco-flan that ended up not being too bad. Then we went to visit another family that night and  they forced another plate of Thanksgiving dinner on us! We were very grateful, but it was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I had my fill during my first dinner, so round two was extremely difficult. It didn't end well, but I won't get into that right now..... haha  Other than that, Thanksgiving was awesome. I really have so much to be grateful for. It was good for me to take a day and remember all that my Father in Heaven has given me. When I take time to reflect on all that I have been blessed with, it is overwhelming. I am a lucky guy.

I hope you all have a great week. We are going to go play soccer. We have a Colombian in the District, who is one of the coolest missionaries I've met on my mission and he loves soccer. We both go home in January and I am excited to serve with him this transfer.

Take care and have a wonderful holiday season. Love y'all!

Much Love,

Elder Chad Thompson]]>
<![CDATA[Spending my last six weeks in buena vista]]>Wed, 25 Nov 2015 02:48:33 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/spending-my-last-six-weeks-in-buena-vistaHey everyone,

I hope y'all are having a wonderful week even thought the Bucks had a tough loss this week. I am sure all of my Michigan family are as upset about that as I am. Other than that, I am doing awesome! I am a little bummed because Elder Swindler is going home tomorrow. He is a great friend and an awesome missionary. I will miss him. So we got transfer calls on Saturday and I am staying in Buena Vista for my last six weeks! I am so happy. I love it here. And for my last six weeks, I will be training a new missionary. That will be really cool and will definitely keep me focused. I will also have a third companion. Yup, I'm going to be in a trio! The other Elder in the companionship will be Elder Edwards. I'm excited to get to know both of my new companions. Thank goodness we have two bathrooms in our apartment.

This week has been so sweet. Luis got baptized! It was really awesome. His mom is a member and has really wanted this for Luis for a long time, but his dad has not not been so sure. It was so cool to finally see Luis get baptized. His mom was crying the whole time. It was a beautiful baptism. Marta was going to be baptized the same day, but she got really sick and has been bedridden for the past couple days. She is doing better, but just to make sure, we set her date for December 5th. Please pray for her that she will feel better. She is such a sweet lady and works really hard to provide for her family. It is sad to
see her so sick and not be able to do anything. 

I am doing really great. I am so excited for my last transfer! I know it is going to fly by with Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, a trio, and two temple trips so I am going to try to enjoy this time the best I can before time catches up to me and it's all over. This area is so special to me and I really love the people here. There are some incredible missionaries coming in and I am so excited to serve with them. The Buena Vista District is awesome. I have enjoyed serving here so much. The District has been killing it for the last few months and things keep getting better. It really is so awesome to work in such a great area for my last few months. Three out of four sets of missionaries in the District are going to be training so it's going to be really awesome. I am so excited!

 I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for. I've had such an amazing mission experience and I am so grateful. I have an incredible family and support system back at home. I couldn't ask for a better life. Even when hard days do come and  when the Buckeyes lose after over a year of nothing but W's, I always have so much to be grateful for. Love you all so much! Have a fantastic week!

Much Love,

Elder Chad Thompson

p.s. I keep forgetting to tell y'all, but Anderson and Jeremy got baptized last month!! I love those kids so much! Okay later, love y'all!
<![CDATA[Baptisms! And no more sushi for me]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 02:09:56 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/baptisms-and-no-more-sushi-for-meHey everyone,

This is going to be another quick email from me. We have a busy day and not a lot of time. That is one of the disadvantages of sharing a car with four other guys, lots to do! I hope all is
well. I had a really awesome week. We found some really great new people and we were able to have a ton of members come out with us to visit and fellowship different people. It was really cool.

Things are going awesome with Marta. She is such a sweet lady. Her baptism is all set and ready to go for this Friday and she is really excited. It is amazing to see how much things have changed with her in the past five weeks. When we first started teaching her she did not want to get baptized. She said it was going to be hard to change. I have seen that concern hold a lot of people back in the past, but we kept challenging her to read the Book of Mormon. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but one day we went over to visit her and before we even started the lesson she said, "Ok Elderes, ya quiero bautizarme." She told us about how one night, she really just wanted to figure out what she was supposed to do so she prayed. She said she asked God to guide her to make the right decision. After that she said she opened up the Book of Mormon and started to read in 3 Nephi 11 where it talks about baptism. She said she immediately knew what God wanted her to do. It was such a powerful lesson and the Spirit was so strong. She is such a sweet lady. Another thing that was holding her back from being baptized even after that experience was her work. She works in the fields and the grape season is over, so she is out of work. She speaks no English and it is hard to find work for her. She was going to have to find work soon or she was going to have to move back to Mexico to find work there. We have been praying for her to find work and we've been trying to help. The other day, out of nowhere, we got a text from our Ward mission leader. He told us that he had found a job for Marta! It was so awesome and definitely an answer to many prayers. Now Marta can stay in Bakersfield with her family and she is so happy. It reminded me that when we strive to do what God wants, he will provide a way for us.

Big news on Luis too! He is the kid we have been teaching for a little while. He is all ready to be baptized, but we've been waiting for his dad  to get home from North Carolina so that he can be present at the baptism. He wasn't supposed to be home until Christmas, but out of nowhere he showed up last night! Tonight we have an appointment with their family and Luis  will be getting baptized either this week or the next.

The only downside to last week was that I got really sick. I felt absolutely awful  and I blame it on one thing: SUSHI! I let Elder Swindler talk me into trying some sushi.  So we went to this sushi place in the hood, which was probably not the best place to get sushi anyways, and I ate a big plate of it. It tasted ok, but the rest of our bike day was a disaster. Fortunately, I was only down for one day and then I was fine. But I think the bridge between sushi and me is burnt. Never again........

I love this ward! The members here are awesome and do so much to share the Gospel with the people here in Bakersfield. That really is how it should be. This Gospel and message that we have is amazing and it can help so many people, why wouldn't we share it? As missionaries, we get so much help. We had another great lesson with Ana in the Urbina's home and they have been reading with her every night. When our investigators come to church, the members are great and really fellowship them. I am so glad I get to finish up my mission in such a great area. I hope you have an awesome week. I miss and love you all. Take care.

Much Love,

Elder Chad Thompson]]>
<![CDATA[Growing ACCUSTOM to the warmth, reaching the youth of the church]]>Mon, 16 Nov 2015 15:59:19 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/growing-accustom-to-the-warmth-reaching-the-youth-of-the-churchHey everyone,

I hope you're all having an awesome Fall, wherever you are. Bakersfield has been really, really nice. It has been in the sixties pretty much all week and I have had to wear a sweater or jacket every day. Today, we left the house and I forgot my jacket and felt freezing cold, but when we got to the car, it showed that it was only 65. I am probably turning into a baby about the cold. When I get home, I'll be in for a big surprise.....

Things are going well! This week has been awesome. There are these two kids, Oscar (17) and Litzy (15) who joined the church almost a year ago. They are great kids and are really strong in the Church for being so new in their faith. Well their parents younger siblings never got baptized. This Sunday was so cool because the entire family showed up at church. I was so happy. We talked to them at church and they invited us to come by that evening. So we went over to the Nunez home later that night and shared a message with them. I love this family. They were so nice to us and we talked for a while before getting into the lesson. It turns out that the whole family was learning about the Church for a while, but the parents decided to stop taking the lessons. They have four kids. They all wanted to be baptized, but only the older two were allowed because Hermana Nunez wanted to give the younger kids more time before they make that big decision. It was really funny though, the Hermana told us that for Crysta's 11th birthday, she asked her mom if she could be baptized. Isn't that the sweetest thing? They really are the coolest family. As we taught the lesson, we learned that the parents, are still pretty set and don't want to be baptized. They love the Church though and say they want to go as a family every single week. They recently went to the temple in Los Angeles and loved it. This is definitely a family that we are going to continue to work with. I have learned that a missionary needs to be is persistent and patient. Whether it is in talking to someone at their front door as they slowly close the door on you, or with an investigator who is struggling. We should be patient, but never give up. So with the Nunez family, we are going to be patient, yet persistent. And hopefully one day soon little Crysta will get her birthday wish.

We have also been visiting with the Malinas. I don't know if I have mentioned them yet, but they are a really cool family we are teaching. They are trying to prepare to get married and then be baptized. We have gone over with various members of the ward, including the Bishop, to help them make that big step. But there is one member of the family who we haven't really been able to help, and that's Michelle. She is a really sweet 18 year old girl. She is deaf, so we have never been able to talk to her. She always waves and shakes our hand, but we haven't been able to really communicate with her. We mentioned it to the Bishop after a lesson one night. My companion and I have been trying to find someone to help us with her. One night we were talking about what we could do to find someone to help and out of nowhere we got a text from a girl named Crystal. She is a member of another ward who knows sign language! And she is the same age as Michelle. She offered to help translate for us. It was an awesome miracle that literally came out of nowhere! I know if I try my best, the Lord will help me.......and He did. We are so excited to go over there and finally be able to talk to and teach Michelle. It will be a new and awesome experience. 

Everyone else we are teaching is doing really well. The members here have been really helpful this week and we've been able to take lots of members to lessons with different investigators. Little 10 year old Luis is doing great! Marta is doing well also. We had a really good lesson with her. She was also able to come to a baptism and she really enjoyed it. 

Okay we've gotta bounce! I hope y'all have a nice day and keep warm. I love you all. Take good care.

Much Love,

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<![CDATA[basketball, halloween, and powerful members of the church]]>Sat, 07 Nov 2015 23:01:56 GMThttp://chadpatrickthompson.weebly.com/weekly-updates/basketball-halloween-and-powerful-members-of-the-churchHey everyone,

So this week is going to be super quick. We had a pretty intense basketball tournament going on at the church earlier today and by the time we checked the clock, we were way late for emails! So this will be short and sweet. This week has been great. The members here continue to amaze me. Let me start with the Urbina family. We had dinner with them the other day and they introduced us to their Peruvian friend, Ana. She is a sweet lady in her fifties who lives next to them. We talked with her for a while and we set up a lesson at their home for the following day. We went over and had a lesson with Ana in the Urbina home and Brother and Sister Urbina were there for the lesson. They were amazing fellowshippers and the lesson went awesome. Ana is great and she has a lot of support so early in her experience in the Church. That is really the ideal situation for missionary work. Members can be such a powerful help for the missionary effort if they put forth that effort. It was really awesome. I love this ward so much. 

Marta is doing swell. We went over this week and it was like a switch had gone off inside her. She told us that she finally really wants to be baptized. She says that she has been waiting for too long and she knows that now is the time. We are so excited for her! She is such a sweet lady and always has a bunch of grapes for us to take home when we go over. She is going through a lot of family problems right now, but she has a really good attitude. We are starting to teach the rest of her family as well.

We had exchanges with Elder Richard and his trainee, Elder Madore this week. I was with Elder Madore and there were some complicationsSaturday morning, so it turned into an almost two day exchange. He is a greenie and is so much fun. He is already doing really well. He gets frustrated about his Spanish, but I keep telling him how much better it is than mine was when I first started. I know the Spanish will come along and he will be a great missionary........he already is.

Halloween was good. I had a bunch of candy ready, but no trick or treaters.. :( Oh well! A lot of candy for us. hahaha 

Time is flying by for me. I just can't believe Thanksgiving is a few weeks away. I heard Christmas music playing at the store today and it got me super stoked for the holidays! I miss and love y'all!!! Take care and have a great week.

Much Love,

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